How the pandemic is changing U.S. holiday shopping behavior

The 2020 holiday shopping season will be very different from anything we’ve seen before. The COVID-19 pandemic is disrupting the retail industry in ways that were simply unimaginable 12 months ago. McKinsey surveys found that consumers are drawn to new streaming services and over 60% have tried new shopping options, from ordering to mobile apps … Read more

Data: The other Black Friday treasure chest

If you ask around in retail, you’ll likely get mixed answers as to why Americans call the day after Thanksgiving Black Friday. Perhaps the most enduring legend is that Black Friday was the day retailers’ winning slips switched from red to black. But in our new digital economy, that legend is being put to the … Read more

How brands can thrive in the COVID-19 holiday shopping season

People across the country are facing a holiday season distorted by the COVID-19 pandemic. While cherished experiences like family dinners, visiting relatives, and Christmas celebrations will likely just skip 2020 (and reemerge relatively unscathed next year), the time-honored tradition of Christmas shopping has been changed forever. The pandemic has led to massive changes in consumer … Read more

Why holiday e-commerce strategy planning starts in summer

Last year’s Christmas challenge for retailers and brands transitioned seamlessly into digital commerce and tackling new shopping trends. The challenge this year is to apply what we learned in 2020 to adapt to changing customer habits and higher expectations for holistic shopping experiences than ever before. In November and December alone, online shopping grew 50% … Read more

4 preparation steps for the 2022 holiday retail season

There are countless unpredictable variables at play in what this year’s holiday shopping season will have in store for retailers. Retailers that focus on both program profitability and great customer experiences will be best equipped to navigate the corner balls of a challenging economy. Solid preparation for the holiday season is the key to success. … Read more

As virtual, mobile shopping take root AR crucial for successful holiday season

We’re now halfway into the year and retailers’ minds are turning to the important holiday season – and human connections and personal experiences are key to e-commerce success. In addition, the majority of online shoppers are looking for mobile gifts, and retailers have their work to do. Mobile shopping growth continued on its strong trajectory … Read more